My mom had passed away from cancer and I reached out to Patrick for a reading. I was unprepared for how detailed his reading was and how much comfort the reading gave me! Thank you so much Patrick for sharing your gift!

Tammy Breen Cape Jack, NS

I have absolutley loved receiving readings and spiritual guidance from Patrick! His gifts and abilities are completely accurate. He has provided me, through his deep messages, wonderful support for future spiritual endeavors as well as guiding me through significant life changes! I truly look forward to seeing Patrick each and ... Read More

Andrea Di Paolo Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

I ventured out with friends to the Psychic Fair held at CATA last spring which was where I met Patrick. From the moment I approached his station, I felt an instant sense of being home. This is something of a rarity to me which naturally placed me in a receptive ... Read More

Teresa Maple, Vaughn, GTA

The reading Patrick gave me was very thought provoking and incredibly accurate. His insights affirmed for me that Spirit is just waiting for the opportunity to communicate with us!

Theresa West Hill, Toronto

A friend of mine died suddenly in a hit and run motorcycle accident in 2015. He was in the prime of his life. His death haunted me. I work for his family which deepens my sorrow. I felt and still sometimes feel angry that he was needlessly taken away from his ... Read More

Eden Toronto

Patrick is a gifted psychic medium, writer and spiritual teacher. I would highly recommend a reading or taking a class with Patrick. who always offers a beautiful connection to spirit along with his warmth, humor and intelligence. This connection that he has will offer you what you need to hear ... Read More

Janice Martin Long Island

My neighbour, who is a person with a mental health issue, seemed obsessed with watching me and she often tried to crash the social events I had at home. It was very uncomfortable and annoying for everyone involved. Patrick came over and sensed a male Spirit presence over his shoulder ... Read More

Kathleen East Danforth, Toronto

Great experience! [In his face reading] details of facial expression were exact and his suggestions and commentary were profound and rewarding.

K. Kilfoy Dartmouth, NS

Thank you [to Patrick] for all [his] guidance in my life journey. [He has] been very helpful in helping me understand my soul journey and having trust and following my heart. [He] never [rushes] our time together. [He ensures his] teachings are clear. I'm truly grateful for [his] help ... Read More


My reading with Patrick was a lot of fun. It was so interesting to see him put everything together with the cards and be right on the money! He gets completely tuned into your energy and doesn't miss a detail. He even takes into account the surroundings and the ... Read More

Ashe East York, Toronto

My reading with Patrick was super interesting! I was pregnant at the time and he did a reading in my third trimester. It was my first reading and he made me feel really comfortable. One thing that stood out for me was that he said he saw me in a ... Read More

Sandy North Toronto

Patrick is absolutely amazing in the way he approaches a situation. His skills as a spiritual advisor are remarkable and so is his compassionate and non-judgmental attitude towards a client. He always reads the situation correctly and gives the right perspective - one that will help anyone to make the ... Read More

Emma Richmond Hill, Toronto

Patrick is like a big warm hug for my entire being. When I am in his presence, I feel completely at peace. Patrick's ability to connect with my soul is absolutely incredible. The first time I met Patrick was at a home gathering with friends. I had a water ... Read More

Katherine Macri, Ceo The Woman's Evolution

I met Patrick in a psychic-mediumship class, and when it ended, he started his own. As an instructor, Patrick has immense patience and vast knowledge to share. In his gentle manner, he guides you in a nonjudgmental way to help hone and heighten your psychic abilities. Someone who genuinely cares ... Read More

Patricia Toronto

Thanks Angel Patrick! I can't thank you enough for todays session. I'm on a real high! You are AMAZING! I will certainly keep you up to date on what happens! Will do a review when I have a quiet moment. By the way, I looked up the merkaba. ... Read More


In 2015, Patrick told me I would meet a man with the initial R in mid August and I did! Patrick also helped me balance my chakras through Usui and Angelic Reiki which led me to uncover what I truly want out of my life. I've also received an amazing ... Read More

Josephine Bloordale

Thank you for helping me to hear, to see, to understand, to believe. May our Source continue to help you to help others. Things from the Reading have already happened! I'll see you again in the Fall!

Sally Ianetta Vaughn

I came to Patrick with a open heart wanting/expecting/hoping the spirit world would give me what I needed to hear and he did not disappoint. Our reading encompassed many facets of my life narrowing in on my life purpose and pointing to clues to help unlock my fears. ... Read More


Thank you Patrick for your guidance through my wonderful QHHT Session. I instantly heard my speech became clearer. I have less anxiety around my hearing loss. My subconscious says that I will be completely healed within 30 days. I already feel the clarity. I felt renewed and have had many shifts ... Read More

Annie Balgobin Pickering, ON

Patrick’s special gift to the world is helping us solve our own problems. He does that by pulling back the curtain to our subconscious, as we reveal valuable information about ourselves while hypnotized. He gently regressed me and guided me through several past lifetimes, giving me great insights in ... Read More

Annie Balgobin K.O., Toronto

Dear Patrick,Thank you so much for your angelic healing techniques that brought a lot of clarity to my reality. Your attention to detail before we even began our QHHT journey was incredibly solid in your performance as a healing technician. I am glad to have had a spiritual journey ... Read More

Kevin Nelson Toronto, ON

Patrick has a wide range of experience and has become a skillful facilitator for us to operate in higher frequency realms of vibration that exist within and around us. He knows when to guide, and when to patiently wait for the meaning of information coming through us, as clients, to ... Read More

Andrew Owens Toronto

I definitely think this is quite an experience. Benefits have been great so far. My hip has completely healed! My neck is straighter and more relaxed. I have less pain in my back! I feel so much better .... it's incredible! Thank you so much!

Michelle Rioux Georgina