About Patrick Angel

Patrick Angel

Part Psychic Medium, part Mystic, part Healer, Patrick felt his First Nation Spirit Guide Johnny-Two-Rivers over his left shoulder as a youth. Patrick often saw Two-Rivers in the darkness of night. He also had many prophetic visions during his youth.

As an Angel Intuitive, Patrick enjoys connecting to the Angelic Realms before doing any coaching or giving any readings or healing. Patrick became a Usui Reiki Master many years ago during his time in Japan and now also does Angelic Reiki.

Patrick is a Certified Medium and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. He has spent time at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK and has done training in Lily Dale.

Patrick comes from a creative background; thus, he may use a variety of tools during a reading. These may include Tarot or Oracle Cards, tea leaves, water bowls, chakra readings, or even Face Reading. Patrick is also a Certified Psychosomatic Therapist.

Patrick believes psychic and mediumship abilities can be universal and are a positive step in one�s personal evolution and ascension. He also guides during psychic and intuition development classes and Circles. He also enjoys writing in his blog and below is something he wrote about himself many moons ago.

There once lived a boy with golden
hair and cheeks the colour of the dawn
who was born in the land of the Black
Bear which gathers the Mulberry Bush. In his
youth, he created friends in the clouds and
used water to gloss and colour the surface of
age-old rocks thereby changing their dimensions
in his mind forever. Over his left shoulder 2 Rivers
guided his path until a rebirth of Self started a
remembrance of a vision folded by his
Intuition and dream-time adventures...

A poem and collage